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Cursley Motorsport provide a full range of services within but not limited to the Coupe Cup and the Junior Saloon Car Championship.

Arrive and Drive

Our arrive and drive service we provide you with a fully prepared race car with full support and hospitality insuring you get the most out of your race weekend without any of the hassle.


Race support

Own your own race car and need help preparing and running it on a race weekend? Our race support can provide all of your needs.


Race builds and preparation

We can build your race car to a very high standard to a spec that suits your needs and budget. Our pre race weekend/season preparation will help to ensure that your race car is firstly safe, reliable, and fast.


Set up

We can give your race car a base set at  the workshop and continue to dial it in at the circuit to suit your style and experience, again insuring you get the most from your weekend.


Driver coaching

We have our own driver coaches available for test day and race weekends. Our coaches will bring the best out of you on and off track using their vast experience, onboard footage and data analysis.


Test days and Taster days

Along with Friday test days that are a part of a normal race weekend we are also available mid week testing.

If its a taster you are after, this can also be arranged in one of our race cars on a trackday either full, half day or even a session.

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